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Solar Systems Marketplace
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Solar Systems Marketplace

Clean renewable energy that reduces costs and helps the environment

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Solar Systems Marketplace

Clean renewable energy that reduces costs and helps the environment

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Welcome to Green Spectrum Solutions

Green Spectrum Solutions (GSS) is a renowned authorized supplier of top-brand solar panels, including Kirloskar, Jackson, Roof Top Solar Panels, and On-Grid Solar Inverters. Headquartered in Indore, the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, we have been operating since 2019, delivering projects across India.


Domestic Installation

Custom-designed Solar PV, Battery Storage, Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems & EV Chargingfor homes, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and savings.

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Commercial Solar Solutions

Tailored solar energy systems for businesses, reducing operational costs and carbon footprint.


Industrial Solar Solutions

Large-scale solar installations for industrial sectors, providing reliable and cost-effective energy.

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Authorized Dealers

Authorized Dealers of Top Brands Kirloskar, Jakson, Luminous and more

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System Design and Engineering

Expert design and engineering services for customized solar solutions

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Installation and Testing

Already have an idea of what you’re looking for and don’t want to waste any more time

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Maintenance and Support

Regular maintenance and prompt support for optimal system performance.

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Solar Panels

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battery solar solutions


solar battery storage

Renewable Energy

Solutions of Solar Energy

Your trusted Supplier and Installer of all Solar Products

"Off-Grid Solar Power Inverter "

Residential Solar Systems

Upgrade your home with efficient, custom-designed solar energy systems for maximum savings and sustainability.

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Commercial Solar Solutions

Optimize your office with tailored solar systems, reducing energy costs and enhancing green credentials.

"Off-Grid Solar Power Inverter "

Battery Storage Solutions

Store excess energy for use during peak times, ensuring energy availability and reducing reliance on the grid.

"Off-Grid Solar Power Inverter "

Hybrid Systems

Enjoy uninterrupted power supply with the flexibility to switch between solar and conventional energy as needed.

"Off-Grid Solar Power Inverter "

Maintenance and Support

Ensure long-term performance with regular check-ups and prompt troubleshooting services.

"Off-Grid Solar Power Inverter "

Battery Storage Solutions

We fully utilise the latest corporate renewable energy technology to generate significant energy.

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Instances of fault activity captured on LV networks



Train pantographs inspected annually



Hours of LV circuit load profile data captured and analysed

Recent Projects

Recent Projects

solar panel price in indore

Industrial Project – Nimrani, Madhya Pradesh (20kW)

Clients: Ms. Haripriya Technosoft Pvt Ltd
Locations: Khargone
Tendered Sum: INR 14,00,000.00
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solar panel manufacturing company in india

Large-Scale Agricultural Projects – Shahpur, Madhya Pradesh

Clients: Disha CLF Bhoura, Unnati CLF Bhoura (80kW each)
Locations: Shahpur
Tendered Sum: INR 60,00,000.00 each
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solar company indore

Agricultural Projects in Indore & Surroundings

Clients: Mr. Kedar (5HP), Mr. Ravindra (3HP)
Locations: Indore, Khandwa Naka
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solar system for home in indore

Madicaps University – Rau, Indore (75kW)

Clients: Medicap University
Locations: Rau, Indore
Tendered Sum: INR 29,000,000.00
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solar power panel manufacturers in india

St Paul School – White Church, Indore (40kW)

Clients: St Paul School
Locations: Indore
Tendered Sum: INR 14,55,000.00
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solar panel dealers in indore

BL Medical Center – Morena, Madhya Pradesh (10kW)

Clients: BL Medical Center
Locations: Morena
Tendered Sum: INR 4,83,000.00
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solar system for home in indore

Domestic Installation – Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh (5kW)

Clients: Mr. Roopchand
Locations: Gwalior
Tendered Sum: INR 2,60,000.00
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Why choose Green Spectrum?

process and the solutions we can provide


Expert Guidance

We conduct an initial assessment to understand your energy needs and goals. We provide tailored recommendations based on your specific requirements.


Design and Planning

We designs a customized solar energy system optimized for efficiency and cost savings. We develop a detailed project plan, including timelines and milestones.


Installation and Continuous Support

Our experienced technicians install the solar system with precision and care. We offer maintenance and support services to ensure your system operates at peak performance.

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